What I do

At Our New Homecoach I like to talk to you about your new home before diving in to suggestions and design solutions.

Whether you come to me or I come to you, I like to get you clear on exactly what you want and need from your new home.

You may have decided on your land and need help picking a home design or decided on your home design and meet to find a block to fit in on.

I can help with siting your new home and working out how it will work for your land and your family.

If your plan needs some tweaking, together we can work out how it can work better and I can make suggestions for alternative layouts.

Together we can also go through your plans page by page to make sure you are comfortable with everything that’s included (and often what’s not included).

If you need further assistance, that is available too, even through the building process until you move in.  I provide as much assistance as you need and no more.

At the end of a session with Our New Homecoach you will feel confident and comfortable with what you have chosen, knowing that you are making the right decision for you and your family.